7/23, Pre-Meeting Notes

Tomorrow we are set to conclude the Wood interview and discuss the Introduction and First Book of the Transcendental Dialectic from the Critique.  Structurally: Transcendental Dialectic Introduction I. Transcendental Illusion II. On pure reason as the seat of transcendental illusion a. On reason in general b. On the logical use of reason c. On the pure use […]

Toward constructing Popper’s argument in vol.2 of OSE

  The Rise of Oracular Philosophy   First of all, what does ‘oracular’ even mean?  Actually, pretty much what you’d think.   Popper’s context will emerge soon enough.   Chapter 11: The Aristotelian Roots of Hegelianism Popper reiterates his point that what he is offering in OSE is not a thorough history of the development […]