Adding Epicycles


2019, Daybreak Thematic Index

  1. Equilibriums and Limits [The Atlantic]
    • Carl Schmidt [SEP]
  2. Frum/Bannon Debate [Youtube]
  3. Can Non-Believers and Believers find civic common ground and reduce their differences to managerial decisions?
  4. Instrumental Reason as “Moneyballing” human social reality [The Point]
  5. Is a new generation dealing with “Industrial Society and Its Future”? [Intelligencer][Unibomber Manifesto]
  6. The work of Elizabeth Anderson on doubting the zero-sum orthodoxy between freedom and equality. [New Yorker]
  7. Are free markets “conservative”? Coming right wing civil war over the question? [The Week][The American Mind]
  8. George Packer on “The Corruption of the Republican Party [The Atlantic]
  9. Notes on Toxic Masculinity [LA Times][Aeon][Polity Books]