Engstrom, Lecture 5

Transcendental Aesthetic – The Metaphysical Exposition of the Concept of Space (Continuted)   (Notes by RJ) Space Kant first argues how we come to know space(either a priori or a posteriori(empirically,  through experience)). Then, given the two sources that contribute to our knowledge(sensibility or understanding), he argues for the particular faculty by which we come to know it. The first two […]

Engstrom, Lecture 3

Conclusion to the Introduction + Transcendental Aesthetic (Kant’s Conception of Knowledge) (Notes by Brandon) In his treatment of the contrast between synthetic and analytic knowledge, he offers the examples:      ‘This Stone is Warm’ [synthetic]      ‘This Stone is Extended’ [analytic] We touched on (1) the containment principle to differentiate analytic from synthetic knowledge, as well as (2) the principle […]

Transcendental Idealism and Empirical Realism

There is confusion on Kant’s Transcendental because we think that it means that it contradicts Empirical Realism.  Quoting from Kant in the CPR, Transcendental Idealism is defined as I understand by the transcendental idealism of all appearances [Erscheinungen] the doctrine that they are all together to be regarded as mere representations and not as things in themselves […]

Engstrom, Lecture 2

Introduction – Kant’s Conception of Metaphysics + the ‘Copernican Revolution’ [B1-B10] (Note by RJ) Lecture 2: Is metaphysics possible as a science?(8/30/16) What are the general conditions under which knowledge is possible at all? Do the claims of speculative metaphysics meet these conditions? The answer to the first question, given in the analytic, is long […]

Engstrom, Lecture 1

Prefaces – The Problem of Metaphysics  (Notes provided by RJ) Lecture 1: Context for the CPR and Kant’s notion of Metaphysics(8/28/16) Kant’s five stages in the development of metaphysics Metaphysics as a natural disposition in common human reason Metaphysics is a natural disposition for humans. God, immortality, and freedom are the primary objects of interest […]

Some 3:AM Interviews of Note

Bob Hale, Frege and Necessary Beings [Interview at 3:AM] Paul Russell, Hume’s Irreligious Core [Interview at 3:AM] Karl Ameriks, Kant’s Historical Turn [Interview at 3:AM] Tim Lewens, Evolution, Bioethics and Human Nature [Interview at 3:AM] Dan Robinson, Keeping the Manifest Image in Mind [Interview at 3:AM] Mohan Matthen, On Perception, Aesthetics, Etc. Etc. [Interview at […]

7/23, Pre-Meeting Notes

Tomorrow we are set to conclude the Wood interview and discuss the Introduction and First Book of the Transcendental Dialectic from the Critique.  Structurally: Transcendental Dialectic Introduction I. Transcendental Illusion II. On pure reason as the seat of transcendental illusion a. On reason in general b. On the logical use of reason c. On the pure use […]